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Drew Larsen is an actor, director, and photographer based in Frederick, MD.  He co-founded Skinhunger Productions in 2019 shortly after graduating from George Washington University with a double major in Communication and American Studies and a double minor in Sustainability and Political Science.  Drew has been heavily involved with filmmaking for four years: he's starred in multiple films including A Stray Ember (Dir. Jake Stetler, 2019) and Jack the Hypochondriac (Dir. Phil Bromhal, 2018), while at the same time acquiring a wide range of film production skills.

Skinhunger Productions has won two awards in two years at the 72 Film Fest. The 2020 short, Off the Grid, was awarded Best Amateur Film, and nominated for Best Writing and Best of the Fest. The 2019 short, Post Grad, was awarded Best Student Film and nominated for Best of the Fest.